About Us

Hello and Welcome to Suzabella!

We are a family owned and operated online super store.

We pride ourselves on great customer service. I have been on the other side or poor customer service, and I do not want my customers to ever feel like that!

Our items are all brand new and we stand behind them 100%. Our jewelry is genuine and our gemstones and diamonds are all 100% real. We sell clothing, accessories, jewelry, home and garden items, lingerie and personalized stationery for personal and corporate use. 

We ship our items out of several warehouses around the US. All of our domestic shipping is free. 

We operate out of our home and we have 2 special needs boys, so things can become quite chaotic. We are online every day by 6:30pm CST. If you contact us before then, please be patient and we will respond. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us anytime drewsue2000@yahoo.com